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erasure of Asian people and characters is very deep rooted in American media and goes all the way back to conception—don’t let it persist!


if i should die tonight may first just say i’m sorry?
for, i never felt like anybody.

Why do I care about agents of shield so much we just don’t know

Also related to AOS: I need to know if Bobbi has already met Clint in MCU I need to know so badly are they married are the divorced do they not even know each other I NEED TO KNOW

I can’t find any confirmation that Lucy Lawless’s character is an old girlfriend of Victoria’s but if that’s true…yay more queer ladies on one of my favorite shows but like do they know they can’t just trade one lesbian in for another? Like, they’re not interchangeable. But who knows maybe they’re bringing Tori back from the dead. We can only hope.


bring back victoria hand. turn agents of shield into victoria, bobbi, maria, melinda, skye, tripp, and the science twins doing cool shit. more raina. bring in daisy. bring in abigail. bring in…fuck, monica. chang and rambeau. do some kind of mind erasing magic so that everyone on the show and the audience, myself especially, forget everything that ever happened with grant ward

these are my demands. i feel they are reasonable. 


requested: ellen page


requested: ellen page


the truth is out there.


"I have a question for Grant Ward. How dare you."


"I have a question for Grant Ward. How dare you."

I have a question for Grant Ward. How dare you ?

- Kid Coulson at the Comic-Con panel (via leofjtz)