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Concept art for The Aristocats


just following the example. [x]

What?! That was supposed to be her!”
“And this is why S.H.I.E.L.D. is on top, right?”



Regeneration outtake.

(Disclaimer: I love Capaldi)


I also made this in a graphics class I was the most embarrassing teenager oh god please don’t judge my skills on this it was for an assignment don’t judge me as a person either oh god i am so sorry

Like…?? What the fuck is this? It’s pretty but what the actual fuck was I thinking I was creating? I don’t fucking know but I won an award for it.

Even if you don’t want to commission me you should still take a look at that link and laugh about the graphic trends in the old days. So much motion blur. All of the scratchy textures. LIGHT FLARES. THE RANDOM SONG LYRICS. SO MUCH FALL OUT BOY AND THE HUSH SOUND.

Or who wants me to design them a YT banner or something here’s my portfolio I’ve been doing the photoshop thing for 11 years I’m like actually a pro. $5 for a simple banner like mine + $10 for one of those shitty illustrations of you like the one on my endslate. $10 for an intro and outro graphic, $5 a piece. $2 for icons if you want those. Get in my askbox if you want to support my creative endeavors (spoilers a second channel is coming oh and i might have written a wrock album) and also get cute graphics.  


Don’t pick any fights over String Cheese, boys.

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